Get expert help through every step of the probate
process and sell estate property with ease.

Greater Seattle Probate Real Estate Services for Personal Representatives, Heirs, Trust Administrators, and Attorneys

✓ Eliminate the overwhelm of selling
the estate’s property.

✓ Save time and money making the
right decisions at the right time.

✓ Maximize the estate’s property
value and sell it quickly.

As an estate’s personal representative, you have a lot of decisions to get right - like selling the estate’s property.

But there’s a problem…

  • The probate process is complicated and you aren’t a legal or real estate expert.
  • ​Taxes, insurance, utilities, property maintenance, repairs - every day you hold the property you lose time and money you can’t get back.
  • ​You don’t have time or cash to maintain or improve the estate’s property.
  • ​Making the right decisions to protect the property and legacy feels overwhelming. 

You don’t have to navigate this process alone. Get expert probate real estate help, maximize the estate’s value, and protect your legacy now.

Sell estate property quickly at maximum value.

Navigate the real estate
probate process.

Get expert help and guidance throughout
the probate process so you make the right,
most timely decisions for the property

Maximize the estate’s property
value before you sell it.

Get access to specialized services and even
cash to maintain, repair, or improve the
estate property’s value.

Sell the property quickly at the
best price.

Get expert help to list, market, and show the estate’s property so it sells quickly for top dollar. (i.e. happy heirs!)

The estate’s home is often its most valuable asset. Ready to
put it in good hands?

I get it – handling all the details of the estate can be hard.

It’s not easy navigating the emotions of losing a loved one and also making the best decisions for the estate’s home.
Trust matters. That’s why you should feel like you’re working with a friend.
“Bruce supported me in selling my parent's home. He was very knowledgeable about not just the market, but how to sell an inherited property in probate.

– Karen Lippy
Federal Way, WA
When he listed our home he kept us
informed constantly. Communication is a high quality of Bruce! Bruce walked us through each step once we had a buyer and everything went quickly and smoothly, there were no surprises.

– Angela
Renton, WA
I can not recommend Bruce highly enough!
He is an equal expert representing someone
as either the buying or selling agent and
gives the same level of service to everyone
without regard to how much his commission will be.

– Charles Gormley
Renton, WA

The Stress-Free Probate Real Estate Plan

1. Schedule a no-cost Estate Property Consultation

  • Get answers to all your questions.
  • ​Understand the timeline to sell the property.
  • ​Know the best next decision to make for the estate’s home.

2. Determine the outcome for the property.

  • Sell the property as is?
  • ​Liquidate it as quickly as possible?
  • ​Repair or improve it to maximize the value before selling?

3. Sell the property with ease.

  • Prepare, stage, and list the home.
  • ​Market, show, and take offers on the home.
  • ​Negotiate, close, and liquidate the home.

Maximize estate property and protect legacy.

As a probate real estate specialist, I know that you want to be a confident,
reliable personal representative of the estate. In order to do that, you need
to sell the estate’s property, typically the home, quickly and for maximum
value. The problem is you aren’t a real estate or legal expert and your
responsibility of selling the estate property, settling debts, and ensuring
proper distribution of the estate’s assets feels overwhelming.

I believe every personal representative deserves to get the help they need to make the best decisions for the estate’s property, including selling the home quickly with no issues. I understand how the death of a loved one can make this process even harder, which is why I’m a Certified Probate Expert, having spent the past 20+ years helping families sell their homes with peace and confidence.

I handle all the details, navigating you step-by-step through the probate
process and getting you access to everything you need, including advance
cash, to prepare and sell the estate’s home with ease. Then I’ll help you sell it fast, and at maximum value.

Here’s how I do it:

1. Schedule a no-obligation estate property consultation.
2. Together, we’ll determine the best outcome for the property.
3. Sell the property with ease.

So, schedule a free estate property consultation now. And in the meantime, avoid the most common probate horror stories from heirs by downloading our free Purpose Driven Probate Guide. So you can avoid wasting precious time, money, and energy and instead protect the legacy by selling the estate property fast at maximum value.

Bruce Johnston
Certified Probate Expert and Probate Realtor

Download our Free Guide:

Purpose Driven Probate
A guide to purposeful decisions
that keep your probate journey
from becoming a horror story… by
honoring legacy, avoiding conflicts,
and helping you move through

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